Sunday, September 29, 2013

Texas doesn't have the "fall" that a lot of the country has, but we do notice temperatures getting cooler, but still a good number of days when you still need an AC on.

Also this time of year is considered Hurricane season and the ever watchful eye for where those storms in the gulf are heading.  I'm inland enough that what we get, if one heads our way is wind and rain.  Right now a lot of this country could use a good soaking rain to replenish the water in a lot of streams and lakes.

I have decided to make a major change in my life.  2 years ago I bought a 1910 home on an acre of land, with the plans to revive it and make it beautiful again.  I had to come to the conclusion with my income and age, that this wasn't a manageable option for me.  One I couldn't do one thing till I did another, and when I forgot and left a faucet on all night and the water accumulated under the house causing that area to settle a little, and I called 2 plumbers to fix the drain pipe in the shower (1 said he was to busy and backloged and couldn't get to it - the other never bothered to return my call), an estimate from an electrician to run a 220 to hook up my dryer that ran over $600, I decided enough was enough.

I'm moving into an apartment where I don't have to worry about a yard, or repairs or ???.  If it breaks just pick up the phone and call the apartment office and let them fix it.

I will have a room dedicated mostly to sewing (but will also serve as extra sleeping space when needed).  So rather than worry about repairs and things I want to change and can't I will concentrate on all this fabric and quilt patterns I've collected for years and start turning out some finished quilts.

STAY tuned for photos as I progress in making quilts and other projects.  My first goal is to finish the 4 pieced quilts that I've been collecting fabric and patterns for my 4 children.  Then I will start on the 11 quilts for my grandchildren (all are applique - either needle turn or machine raw edge). 

I have recently acquired a lot of storage units (cabinets, dresser, chest, and other units for storing fabric and patterns).  And I had started organizing everything so "hopefully" I could find it better/easier.  Once moved and set up again, still have a few boxes to go through.

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